Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

To REPORT a lost or found pet, click hereĀ

You should do certain things in advance to increase your chances of recovering your pet if he or she becomes lost:

  • Always make sure your dog has a license. Over 90% of dogs are reunited with their families when wearing a license.
  • Bernville Vet can eaily and quickly have your pet microchipped or have your pet tattooed.
  • Have color photos of your pet. They should be full body and close-up from the front and side.


  • Contact all animal shelters (see below for list) in your area and all surrounding areas. Call the police department. Fill out a lost pet form (see above). Also, visit all animal shelters providing each with a photo and and an accurate description of your pet. The ARL has a bulletin board for these fliers.
  • Contact veterinarians in your area and surrounding areas including emergency animal hospitals who handle off hour emergencies.
  • Post fliers with pet’s photo IMMEDIATELY!
  • Place a lost ad in all local newspapers.
  • Contact local radio stations.
  • Search your neighborhood. Walk or drive slowly around your neighborhood several times a day. Call your pet’s name and listen. Your pet may be injured or frightened or unable to come to you. After you call their name, wait to see if your pet comes to you.
  • Ask neighbors & delivery people if they have seen your pet. Hand out fliers to these people.
  • Place items with your scent outside your home. This can be a shirt that has been worn by a loved one, a cat or dog bed which can attract a lost pet.

Don’t give up your search. Animals who have been lost for months, even years, have been found.


  • Complete a Found form (see above) through the ARL and other local shelters.
  • Check ALL newspapers in the Lost and Found section (review papers from the previous week and old newspapers).
  • Place a FOUND ad in all local newspapers.
  • If unable to keep the animal, bring the animal to your local shelter where they can provide food and shelter for him or her.
  • Take the animal to your local shelter or veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip.
  • If you have found a pet with a tattoo (typically found inside one of the rear legs) contact the Berks County Treasurer’s office ( 610-478-6640), Berks Radio (610-655-4911) or the Animal Rescue League (610-373-8830).
  • Contact all animal shelters (see below for list) and veterinarians including emergency animal hospitals in your area and surrounding areas.

Humane Society of Berks County – (

Humane Society of Lebanon County- (

Humane Society of Lehigh County – (

Montgomery County SPCA – (

Hillside SPCA (Pottsville)- (

Chester County SPCA – (

Humane League of Lancaster County – (