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Halloween Costume Contest

October 13, 2016
Calling All Halloween Lovers! Send us a photo of your pet in a costume and you could win a $50 gift card to our hospital! To enter: Like our Facebook page and send us a direct message on Facebook with your pet’s photo by Sunday, October 23rd. On Monday the 24th we will post all of [...]

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Pets and Bee Stings

June 26, 2015

By Dr. Pickett Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and some ants deliver venom when they sting. The result is almost always redness, swelling and pain. The estimated lethal dose is 10 stings per pound of body weight, so death is exceedingly rare. Anaphylactic shock also is very rare in pets. Anaphylaxis, an exaggerated allergic reaction […]

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Like our Facebook Page and Feed an Animal in Need

December 10, 2014

Help us fill an animal’s food bowl and spread some holiday cheer this season! From December 9th to January 9th, every time we get a like on Facebook we will donate a scoop of food in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to the Hillside SPCA – an animal shelter in our area. Please help us […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner and Your Pet

November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and soon enough you will be sitting down for your big dinner and your pet will place himself next to you and just stare at you—waiting and begging for you to drop just a morsel of turkey on the floor. A poll of petMD readers showed that 56% […]

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Diabetes in Pets

November 13, 2014

November is National Pet Diabetes Month. Are your pets at risk? The likelihood of your cat or dog developing diabetes is anywhere between 1 in 100 and 1 in 500 and experts say those numbers are increasing. Diabetes mellitus, the clinical name for “sugar diabetes,” is a disease that affects glucose in your pet’s blood […]

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Pet Halloween Safety Tips

October 29, 2014

Halloween is a holiday that humans and animals can enjoy together. There are many exciting aspects of Halloween but that doesn’t mean there are no risks. See below and read how to have fun while keeping your animal friends safe. CANDY – Don’t feed your pets Halloween candy! Chocolate in all forms, especially dark or […]

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Canine Influenza Vaccination

October 23, 2014

We at Bernville Veterinary Clinic – Pet Spa & Resort are now recommending that our dog patients be vaccinated for Canine Influenza and will require it for our Spa guests. Canine Influenza Virus (H3N8) is an influenza virus that is relatively new and highly contagious. It can be a part of a complex of viral […]

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Pet Obesity

October 9, 2014

Did you know that obesity is not just an epidemic in humans but also in pets? According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), over 57% of dogs and 52% of cats are obese and these numbers are on the rise. Much like humans, obesity in pets can lead to diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, […]

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It’s World Rabies Day

September 28, 2014

Today, September 28th, is World Rabies Day. Rabies is an infectious virus that affects the central nervous system in mammals and is transmitted through the saliva of animals. Both humans and animals can contract the virus if they handle or get bitten by an infected animal. It is estimated that each year in the US […]

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Foods Toxic to Dogs

September 18, 2014

September is National Food Safety Month. Like cats and humans, certain foods can be toxic to dogs. While cats and dogs share many food toxicities, here is dog-specific and alphabetic list of the foods you should avoid giving your dog. Alcohol: Dogs are far more sensitive to alcohol than humans are. Just a little bit […]

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