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Nicole Mulvaney, CVT

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Nikki grew up in Lebanon County and has been working in the veterinary field since she was 16. While in high school and throughout her college years, she worked for a small animal hospital in Myerstown. Nikki is a 2002 graduate from Wilson College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Technology and is board certified. In 2003, after completing a short course through Colorado State University, she received certification in equine artificial insemination and processing fresh/cooled semen. Nikki made the transition back into small animal medicine in 2014 after working in equine medicine for 11 years.

Nikki lives in Myerstown with her husband Matt, daughter Hannah and their critters. In her spare time, she loves spending time with their very energetic dogs, Dawson and Piper, cats Felix and Edie, goldfish Bubbles Gold Fins and four horses Dakota, Zipper, Cabatta and Smidgeon. Nikki looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends.