Carrie Minihan

I have known Dr. Pickett for 12 years and I know her to be a woman of compelling integrity, character and professionalism. She shares genuine concern and caring for her patients (as well as their pet parents). She practices a holistic, personal approach to pet care, has a remarkable attention to detail and provides understandable, diagnostic explanations of “the situation at hand.” Dr. Pickett and the staff at Bernville Veterinary Clinic have been extraordinarily responsive about returning my calls, following up with test results and scheduling appointments. Dr. Pickett, Laura, Desiree and Lynette have been so nice and personable with me and my Bear Boy, we feel very welcomed and well cared for. After our first visit, we even received a personal “Paws” Thank You note stating “Each pet is unique and we treat them that way” (signed by everyone)! All these compassionate personalities and their commitment to pet care – truly do support the concept of “Each pet is unique and we treat them that way” and in doing so, take the “Clinic” – out of Bernville Veterinary.” I very much appreciate and look forward to our continuing relationship..