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Hillside SPCA
“URGENT! The Hillside SPCA finds itself at a crisis point. We are on overload with animals and desperately seek adoptions, especially of large dogs. It has become critical that we find homes for our buddies, many of whom have been waiting a really long time, in order to make room for the dogs that we will get in tomorrow. Hillside has worked diligently to keep an open door policy whereby no animal from the county is turned away because experience has shown that those animals often meet with a horrible fate; thrown out, abandoned, tied to a tree, left to starve, attacked by wild animals… or worse. But the ability to have an open door and no kill facility depends heavily on adoptions outpacing — or at least keep up with — intakes… something the Hillside was always blessed with due to the wonderful supporters and adopters who embraced the shelter and policies. With the Hillside bearing the burden of being the only area shelter taking in dogs at this time (Ruth Steinert is taking no dogs and a very limited number of cats, the Danville, PA SPCA is not taking any animals, not even ones originally adopted from there) we are overwhelmed with needy animals and NEED ADOPTIONS NOW! The hard reality is there is only so much space. We have been up against this before and YOU have rallied to help. If you can adopt, foster or help in any way, Please help out now. One way is to share, share, SHARE this post. The more who know, the more who can help.” for more information, go to: www.hillsidespca.org  

HILLSIDE SPCA Home Visit “FOLLOW UP” Volunteers Needed!

There is an urgent need for volunteers to help the Hillside SPCA do home checks on adopted dogs, both locally and across the state (and some out-of-state areas, too). Their staff is swamped with work due to their current situation of overcrowding, plus investigating cruelty and neglect cases, making phone check-ups on adoptees, making trips to the vets, etc. It is very important that home follow-ups are done on adoptions. They recently had to remove 5 dogs from an adoptive home when, upon follow-up, it was determined that they were living in sub-standard conditions. To learn more about how you can help, go to http://www.hillsidespca.com/volunteer.htm