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HILLSIDE SPCA Home Visit “FOLLOW UP” Volunteers Needed!

There is an urgent need for volunteers to help the Hillside SPCA do home checks on adopted dogs, both locally and across the state (and some out-of-state areas, too). Their staff is swamped with work due to their current situation of overcrowding, plus investigating cruelty and neglect cases, making phone check-ups on adoptees, making trips to the vets, etc. It is very important that home follow-ups are done on adoptions. They recently had to remove 5 dogs from an adoptive home when, upon follow-up, it was determined that they were living in sub-standard conditions. To learn more about how you can help, go to http://www.hillsidespca.com/volunteer.htm  


Between today and November 30th, 2012, every time a new Facebook post gets “LIKED” on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bernvillevet), we will donate 1/6th of a bowl of pet food to the Hillside SPCA. By “LIKING” these stories every day and encouraging your friends to do the same, Bernville Vet can donate an enormous amount of food to pets in need!
The more virtual “LIKES”…the more REAL food! …
There’s no cost involved, just 15 seconds of your time per day. We will pay for up to 1000 1/6 bowls of food in the month of November!
To learn more about the Hillside SPCA, go to: www.hillsidespca.org