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Survivor story: Nittany!

Nittany first came into our clinic feeling a little under the weather. By the next day he was in critical condition and needed hospitalization. We diagnosed him with diabetes among other ailments, and for the next few days we hoped for the best but expected the worst. He wasn’t eating and had very little energy. Together with his wonderful parents we were able to nurse him back to health and get him home. He still comes in for regular visits to make sure he is doing well. We are all very happy that he is back home with his family where he is happiest.

Cute patient … “Buzzy Mittens” Stern

Buzzy, is a medical boarder here at the clinic. While his parents are on vacation, Buzzy stays with us so we can keep a close eye on his blood sugar levels. During his visits, his favorite activities include playing in his swimming pool, drinking out of the tub and sleeping in his house. During our down times, he enjoys wandering the clinic and visiting the staff. Buzzy even helped our staff decorate for the holidays this year.