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“Drop Off & Go” with our Drop-Off Service for Busy Pet Owners

We care about your pets — and about your schedule. That’s why Bernville Veterinary Clinic offers a unique drop-off service: Drop Off & Go. Just call, make your appointment and drop off your pet and pick up when it is convenient for you. You’re free to go back to work, do your errands, pick up the kids, go shopping and cross off everything else on your to-do list. We handle everything you need:
  • Wellness appointments, including our nose-to-tail examination, vaccinations, and wellness blood work.
  • Sick exams. Is your pet having a problem that you want to address right away, but can’t take a day off work? Our veterinarians can make the diagnosis and propose a treatment plan — all while you’re busy at work.
  • Grooming, too! Get that bath and haircut your pets need at our Spa.
Call today to set up your Drop & Go appointment: 610-488-0166. Monday through Saturday you can drop off as early as 8:30 in the morning. Picks ups are at 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and at 3 p.m. on Fridays. On Saturdays last pick up time is 12 noon. Download your Drop-Off forms to save even more time: Drop-Off Form for a Wellness Visit Drop-Off Form for a Sick Visit      

Bernville Vet Pet Joke of the Week

Following a woman with a dog out of the movie theater, a man stopped her and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I was amazed that your dog seemed to get into the movie so much. He cried at the right spots, moved nervously at the boring spots, and laughed like crazy at the funny parts. Don’t you find that unusual?” “Yes,” she replied. “I find it very unusual. Especially considering that he hated the book!”

We LOVE Grey Muzzle!

As a 7-year-old, Chancey was brought to the shelter in terrible condition. She had not been groomed for a very long time so her coat was matted all over and her nails were so long that they grew into her pads. Chancey had skin, eye and ear infections, and a thyroid condition. She went into an amazing foster home through the ARL’s Grey Muzzle program and was treated for all of her health conditions. Because her skin condition was so severe, her brow drooped over her eyes – so she is scheduled to have a brow lift! Chancey found a forever home this week! To learn more about ARL’s Grey Muzzle Foster Program, go to:

Report Cruelty to Animals in Berks County

PLEASE FORWARD THIS The Animal Rescue League has teamed up with Crime Alert Berks to fight animal cruelty. Together, they have created a poster campaign to bring awareness to the problem of animal cruelty. If you witness cruelty to an animal, please contact Crime Alert Berks at 877-373-9913 Cruelty complaints can be filed with the Animal Rescue League at  

Win Flyers Playoff Tix! (Did You Know That Multiple Phila Flyers Support Animal Causes?!)

They unfortunately didn’t win last night but there is another reason to love the Flyers: numerous Flyers support animal causes in our area. For example, last year Philadelphia Flyer Braydon Coburn and his wife Nadine launched the Paws & Claws Fund, which supports the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society’s Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic. The Coburns kicked off the fund with a $10,000 donation. The Coburns are generously donating two lower level tickets to every home game of the playoffs to be raffled off in support of the Paws & Claws Fund! To learn more about PAWS, to win playoff tix and donate to the fund, go to  

Last Day of the Berks Animal Rescue League Adoption Promotion

A long row filled with black and white Oreo cookies. Who can resist? That’s what we have here at the ARL – a kennel filled with black and white pets who are just as sweet and irresistible! Upon completion of an approved adoption application of a black and white pet, you get to pick from the Oreo cookie jar. Possible prizes are 50%, 20% or 10% off of the adoption fee, a bag of food, a collar, a toy, a bottle of pet shampoo or a bag of Oreos