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Survivor story: Nittany!

Nittany first came into our clinic feeling a little under the weather. By the next day he was in critical condition and needed hospitalization. We diagnosed him with diabetes among other ailments, and for the next few days we hoped for the best but expected the worst. He wasn’t eating and had very little energy. Together with his wonderful parents we were able to nurse him back to health and get him home. He still comes in for regular visits to make sure he is doing well. We are all very happy that he is back home with his family where he is happiest.

Rocky the Survivor!

We first met Rocky when he came into our clinic on a Tuesday afternoon after being attacked by an unknown animal. He had bite wounds over both of his front legs, his chest and his face. Rocky had lost so much blood we were not sure he would make it. Slowly but surely over the next few days, Rocky improved enough to be discharged to his family on Christmas Eve. Even though he makes daily trips into our office for bandage changes he is expected to make a full recovery.