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Cute Patient of the Week: Smokey!

Smokey was in last week for a routine procedure and just after waking up she began talking to us. Her quiet mewing gradually became louder until we realized she was hungry. Smokey devoured three small bowls of canned food before napping peacefully until her pickup time. I guess she was putting our five star service to the test. She reminded us of the saying, “As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.” – Ellen Perry Berkeley

Cute Pet of the Week: Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear looks like his cuddly namesake, but he requires much more care than a stuffed animal. Two years ago, Dr. Westfall rescued the homeless dog and diagnosed severe heart disease. Nevertheless, his adoptive mom, Irene, shown here holding Teddy after his Mother’s Day haircut by our groomer Tina, made a lifetime commitment to doing whatever is necessary to keep him healthy. Luckily, she is related to Desiree, one of our veterinary nurses, who helps with his care. So he’s often here at Bernville Vet, and his care is “all in the family.”

Blossom: Cute patient of the week!

Blossom Burgos is an adorable yorkie mix that came into our clinic a month ago. She is the sweetest little girl ever. She enjoyed spending time with us and showing off her wonderful collar. Her mom offered to send us a picture of her in one of her outfits and we must say, she looks adorable.

Cute patient Baxter!

Baxter is the new addition to the Kennedy household. Baxter and his energetic personality bring quite a bit of excitement to a house where large breed dogs usually reign. Here he is keeping warm in his mom’s coat patiently waiting for his turn with the doctor.

Diego Metz: Cute Patient of the Week!

Kittens are always fun to have come into the hospital, it is a joy to watch them grow. We met little Diego when he came in for a pre-op exam. As it turned out Diego had a heart murmer so we had to have extra monitoring on surgery day. On one of our many trips back to his kennel we noticed that he had made himself a little cave out of the towels. It was too cute for words so we quick snapped his picture.

Cute patient of the week: Raisin!

Raisin is a new member of the Norman family. After the loss of their beloved Maggie, Raisin’s bright eyes and wiggly tail is just what the family needed. Raisin enjoys her visits to the clinic even though car rides are not her favorite.This photo was taken on one of her first visits to us. Being a Golden Doodle we doubt that she will be this small the next time we see her, she has very big paws to grow into.

Cute Patient of the Week: Murphy Narmi

Murphy is the newest member of the Narmi family. Since we first saw this handsome man in December he has gained a whopping eighteen pounds and he still has a lot of growing left to do. During his last visit we had the opportunity to spend some quality time lounging around and we were able to take a photo of this handsome fellow.