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Pets, Candy and Xylitol

FDA Warns Pet Owners on the Dangers of Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs and Ferrets The Food and Drug Administration is cautioning consumers about the risks associated with the accidental consumption of xylitol by dogs and ferrets. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol approved for use in many common products, including sugar-free baked goods, candy, oral hygiene products, and chewing gum. Xylitol can be found in many over-the-counter drugs such as chewable vitamins and throat lozenges and sprays. It can also be purchased in bulk bags for use in home baking. These products are intended only for human use. FDA is aware of complaints involving dogs that experienced illness associated with the accidental consumption of xylitol. Xylitol is safe for humans but it can be harmful to dogs and ferrets. FDA is advising consumers to always read the label on products and to not presume that a product that is safe for humans is safe for your pet. The FDA reports included clinical signs such as a sudden drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), seizures and liver failure. If you suspect your pet has ingested xylitol, some signs to look for are depression, loss of coordination and vomiting. The signs of illness may occur within minutes to days of ingesting xylitol. Owners should consult their veterinarian or pet poison control center immediately for advice if they know or suspect that their pet has ingested a human product containing xylitol.

Cat Vaccines

All cats must also be vaccinated for rabies as required by Pennsylvania law. All cats in our practice are also vaccinated for distemper and the upper respiratory disease viruses. Finally, cats that go outdoors are vaccinated against feline leukemia.

Take the Hillside SPCA Volunteer Quiz

Take the Hillside SPCA Volunteer Quiz: •Do you love cats, kittens, puppies and dogs? •Do you feel a tug at your heart when you think of all the poor animals that are unwanted, abused or abandoned? •Do you have some spare time during the afternoon or evening hours? •Do you love animals, but aren’t comfortable working directly at the shelter, or have allergies and wish you could help? •Do you have transportation to get to the shelter or fundraising events? •Are you at least 14 years of age or older? (Or if younger, can you be accompanied by an adult guardian?) If you answered YES! to 2 or more of the above, you are an EXCELLENT candidate for becoming a volunteer for the Hillside SPCA animal shelter!

The Berks ARL Pit Bull-a-Palooza

Sunday, October13th Pit Bull lovers rejoice! This event is for you and is designed to educate the public about bully breeds and to encourage responsible ownership. This event is open to the public and FREE, and while they are celebrating pits, ALL breeds are welcome to attend and participate! This event is rain or shine. Rescues & adoptable animals: Good Dogs, Green Street Animal Rescue, Cat Works Vendors: Lia Sophia, Thirty One Gifts, Nature’s Variety dog food, DAVR Chocolate, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Pinups for Pitbulls, Farmer’s Insurance, Oragami Owl, The Working K9 and more! For more information, go to:  

The Reading Royals

The Reading Royals are hosting two fundraisers for the Berks County Sheriff K-9 Unit this season. $5 for every ticket sold will be donated to their K9s. Please share with your friends; they are hoping for a sold out arena. They only get credit for tickets purchased through the website mentioned on the flyer so make sure to buy your tickets from that website.


Lynette has been a veterinary technician with Bernville Veterinary Clinic since 1999. Prior to becoming a vet tech she worked as a sous and pastry chef. Her hobbies include stained glass, gardening, music, playing piano and other art activities. In her free time she enjoys hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, cross country skiing and yoga. Lynnette and her husband, Doug, share their home with four dogs (Chica, Charo, Marley and Gracie) 11 cats, five stray cats, seven ducks, seven chickens and a rooster named Cogburn. Lynnette also has both fresh and saltwater aquariums. She is dedicated to the capture and spay or neuter of feral cats. slider_bernville_178