It’s time once again to make New Year’s resolutions for yourself and your four-legged family members. If you’d like your pets to live long, healthy, comfortable lives, here are a few resolutions that will help: The easiest and least expensive way to prolong your pets’ lives is to maintain their normal body weight. Research in dogs shows that lean dogs live up to two years longer than dogs that are a bit overweight. To determine whether your pets are overweight, visit Resolve to schedule wellness exams at least once each year when your pets are young, and every six months when they are seven years and older. Regular wellness exams and lab work help identify problems before they become so severe that they affect health, comfort and longevity. During the wellness visits, we’ll vaccinate your pets to prevent common infectious diseases and recommend medications to keep them free of internal and external parasites. Inspect your home and yard for potential dangers, referring to this list: These resolutions will help keep your pets healthy in 2013 and for many years to come.