FREE Veterinary Medicine for Pet Owners Series

Please join us! The first seminar is on Monday night, 9/10/12 at Bernville Veterinary Clinic:
Emergency Medicine, with Dr. Lee Pickett • How to decide whether it’s an emergency, and what to do to help your pet
  • Toxic emergencies: antifreeze, rodenticides, chocolate, onions
  • Heart, lung & circulatory emergencies: feline saddle thromboembolism, electrical cord injuries
  • Stomach & intestinal emergencies: bloat/GDV, foreign bodies
  • Urinary emergencies: urethral obstruction
  • Nervous system & related problems: seizures, intervertebral disc disease, vestibular syndrome
All sessions take place Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Bernville Veterinary Clinic, 7135 Bernville Road, Bernville, PA 19506 The workshops are FREE, but space is limited, so please RSVP to or 610-488-0166 UPCOMING SEMINARS THIS SEASON INCLUDE: 10/8/12 Pet Loss & Bereavement, with Marianne Sharon 11/5/12 Canine & Feline Behavior, with Dr. Lee Pickett
  • Normal canine & feline social development and communication
  • Canine behavior problems, including aggression and separation anxiety
  • Feline behavior problems, including inappropriate elimination, aggression and clawing furniture
12/3/12 How to Read a Pet Food Label, with Betsy Gallagher
  • Please bring labels from the dry and canned foods you feed your pets