Meet Grey Muzzle … a Critical Part of the Animal Rescue League of Berks County

Bernville Veterinary Clinic has a special place in its heart for groups that share our commitment to caring for those in our society that are at the greatest risk …. that’s why we are a strong supporter of Grey Muzzle, which removes vulnerable senior and special-needs dogs from the shelter environment and places them in foster homes where they can thrive. Grey Muzzle is an important part of the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. The shelter environment is a stressful and scary place for all animals, but for older dogs it is especially traumatic. Unforutnately senior dogs are often overlooked in favor of young puppies. The Grey Muzzle foster program places these dogs in foster care where they receive the necessary medical and dental care they need to make them adoptable. Since the program was created in 2009, Grey Muzzle has adopted out more than 250 senior dogs! Want to learn more about Grey Muzzle, or join their foster family network? Contact Marcy Tocker at You can also become a part of GMARP -Grey Muzzle Association of Retired Pooches, which provides 100 percent of the funding for the program. Just download the application and get involved!